A harmonious balance of expertise

There can be no great wine without great passion, patience, experience, talent and expertise.

Our wines reflect our love for the vineyards, and pleasing you is the greatest satisfaction we can ask for.

Director of Oenology

Vincent DUBERNET, Ingenieur en agriculture et oenologue

An agricultural engineer and oenologist, Vincent was born and raised in Narbonne in a winemaking family, of which he is the fifth generation.

His first winemaking activities in Sonoma Valley, California at the age of 18 spurred him on to greater things. His studies were closely linked to winegrowing and oenology, in particular via various placements in South America (Chile, Brazil, Argentina).
He would also help to modernise one of the most beautiful wine regions in Crimea, Sun Valley.
Upon his return to France he spent six years in charge of the Fontfroide Abbey vineyards in Narbonne.
He joined Fontarèche in November 2008 at the age of 32, appointed by the DE LAMY family to run the estate.


Mélanie ESTIVAL, oenologue

Oenologist Mélanie is originally from Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert to the north of Montpellier.

She and her family have been involved in developing the La Voute Du Verdus family estate for two generations.
Her oenology studies took her to New Zealand, then to one of the most important wineries in Minervois where she held the post of Technical Director.
Mélanie brings all of her technical expertise and also her contagious optimism to Fontarèche.


Head of Winegrowing

Armand DA FONSECA, Chef des cultures
Originally from the Douro region of Portugal, Armand has been in charge of the Fontarèche vineyards for 20 years.
An electrician, plumber and machinist, he puts his wide range of valuable skills to work for the 160 hectares of vineyards.
He knows the ins and outs of winemaking in a Mediterranean climate perfectly.
With a 100% Portuguese team, he brings a hint of Iberia to the Fontarèche vineyards.

Marie-José BONNET
Administrative Director

Marie-José BONNET, responsable administratif

An accountant by training and a winemaker at heart, Marie-José is originally from Siran (Minervois) where her family and husband work as winegrowers.
She has been the logistical and accounting link in the Fontarèche chain for more than 10 years.
She is also the gentle voice espousing the standard, always ready to help.