Blason Chateau Fontareche, grands vins des Corbières
Natural balance

The colours, aromas and flavours of our wines bear witness to the generosity of nature and to expertise passed down from generation to generation. A subtle blend of tradition and modern techniques gives our wines strength and delicacy. The true taste of pleasure…


Set out on a former terrace of the Orbieu river, the vines are rooted in gravelly soil with a wealth of pebbles, offering the balance sought-after in a vineyard: soil that creates mild water stress during some stages of grape ripening.

Fontarèche is home to no fewer than 17 grape varieties, with the mainstay of the reds being

Picpoul Noir is a rarity which is very beneficial to the blend of Corbière Rosé.

Roussanne is the cornerstone of white Corbières.

Chardonnay, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc and Vermentino also fill the rows of Pays d’OC PGI grape varieties.

In a semi-arid Mediterranean climate, heat, wind and Cevennes downpours are all sensitive meteorological parameters which have to be anticipated and handled.

The presence of water is a blessing at Fontarèche, and it is used in moderation for agriculture and winegrowing.

A 100% Portuguese team has been looking after the vineyard for over 20 years.

An in-depth knowledge of winegrowing in a hot climate means that they are able to give the plants everything that they need right up until harvest, including pruning and soil care.